Charities Wanted

Charities are needed and wanted to participate in this program.  In the past small and medium sized charities could not participate in a vehicle donation program.  The infrastructure and the expense of having a vehicle donation program was beyond their reach.  NOW that has changed.

Donate Vehicles USA  now makes it possible.  With our program all charities no matter how big or small, no matter where they are located, can now have a vehicle donation program they can call their own.  The program is fast, easy, and doesn’t cost the charity any money.

Here's How it Works:

Number 1

Step 1

A charity solicits donations of vehicles by letting all past and future donors know they have a program. A charity can do this through word of mouth, through advertising, or through their newsletter if they have one.

Number 2

Step 2

The charity can direct their donor to our website DonateVehiclesUSA. The donor fills out the donor form, selects you as their charity of choice, and submits the form electronically. If the donor does not want to do this the charity can do it for the donor or either to donor or the charity can call our toll-free number 1-877-565-6615. We need very little information to get the ball rolling.

Now this where DonateVehiclesUSA takes over.  We arrange with the donor directly to get their vehicle picked up and brought to one of our facilities throughout the country.  At our facility the vehicle is evaluated and then sold.  The proceeds of the sale go to the charity to help fund their programs minus our administration fee. DonateVehiclesUSA will send a vacation brochure/voucher and an IRS 8283 tax form to each and every donor.  A thank-you letter from the charity is also suggested.

Remember, every vehicle is profitable no matter what the condition.  Every phone call or submitted on-line pickup form means money to the charity.

DonateVehiclesUSA calls this “maximum return for a minimal amount of time and effort” on the part of the charity.

Any and all charities can participate at No Cost.  DonateVehiclesUSA absorbs all the time and expense of picking up and disposing of vehicles in a timely, professional, and environmentally safe manner.

All the charity has to do is open their mail and deposit the checks.

A typical small local charity can do an about face and turn their finances around immediately.   Instead of spending 90{3064f92a586258b61db1aae3a393f749454456f2d1aa9265a0af9362e1416ab2} of their time on fundraising a charity can spend 90{3064f92a586258b61db1aae3a393f749454456f2d1aa9265a0af9362e1416ab2} of their time on their mission statement and 10{3064f92a586258b61db1aae3a393f749454456f2d1aa9265a0af9362e1416ab2} on fundraising.

This is a must program for any charity that does not have a vehicle donation program at this time.  Lets get some additional revenue flowing to your charity.  Act now by filling out the form below with the best time to call and Jim Turner will call you at your convenience.  You can also call Jim directly toll-free at 1-877-565-6615, or email at DVP718@aol.com.  Jim can answer all your questions and advise you on how you can get started today.  Good luck.